Moose - Interspecies Interactions         

Moose share space and resources with a great variety of other herbivores including caribou, elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, bison, musk-oxen, mountain sheep, beaver, and snowshoe hare. Interactions with these and other non-herbivorous animals are inevitable and include competition, parasite-mediated competition (the presence of a shared parasite that affects the competitors differently), predation, or commensalism (one species benefits, the other have no consequences positive or negative).

Competition is the most obvious and is evident in two forms. Resource competition is where both species use a common but limited resource. Interference competition is where one species harms the other when searching for a short supply resource. This type of interaction happens with food, water, and space resources. Most of the aforementioned species do not increase competition significantly, but white-tailed deer and snowshoe hares share the most habitat and diet with moose and would therefore be most likely to increase competition between the two species if both are present.
Photo Credit: Charles Rondeau