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Jacob Straub, Ph.D.

Kennedy-Grohne Chair in Waterfowl and Wetlands Conservation/Assistant Professor

Contact Information
Phone: (715) 346-3323
Office: TNR 342 

Curriculum Vitae



Jacob Straub, PhD, is a proud Wisconsin native who grew up enjoying the outdoors. His time as an undergraduate student at UW-Stevens Point provided countless hands-on opportunities and educational experiences and inspired him to pursue a teaching and applied research career. His educational journey took him to Ohio and Mississippi before bringing him back to Wisconsin where he currently serves as a Waterfowl Biologist, Assistant Professor, and Kennedy-Grohne Chair in Waterfowl and Wetlands Conservation. Straub, his collaborators and students study waterfowl and their habitat needs in Wisconsin.


  • B.S. Natural Resource Management, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, CNR
  • M.S. Wildlife Science, The Ohio State University, Environment and Natural Resources
  • Ph.D. Forest Resources, Mississippi State University, College of Forest Resources

Courses Taught

  • Waterfowl Ecology and Management (WLDL 361/561)
  • Wildlife Techniques (350/550)
  • Wildlife Habitat Management (WLDL 450/650)
  • Waterbird Ecology, Management and Field Techniques

Research Projects

  • Understanding waterfowl habitat needs and requirements. 
  • Estimating vital rates for breeding waterfowl in Wisconsin. 
  • Working with multiple stakeholders to address relevant and contemporary wetland management questions in the Upper Midwest. 

Current Graduate Students

Rush, K.  Project Title: Breeding Season Hen and Brood Survival in Wood Ducks (Aix sponsa) between Habitat and Nest Types in Central Wisconsin.  Anticipated graduation; 2019.

Former Graduate Students

Malanchuk, J. 2017. Density, characteristics and use of tree cavities for nesting waterfowl at Missisiquoi National Wildlife Refuge. Thesis, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Stevens Point, WI, USA.

Select Publications

Straub, J.N. and C. Gervich. 2017.  Waterfowl hunter survey for Lake Champlain, Interior Vermont, Connecticut River and Northeastern New York zones.  Final Report #0612029963 from SUNY Research Foundation. 

Foth, J.R., R.M. Kaminski, J.B. Davis, J.N. Straub and T.D. Leininger. 2017.  Aquatic invertebrate community composition, diversity, and biomass from sweep-net samples in non-impounded bottomland hardwood forests and greentree reservoirs.  Journal of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (in press).

Straub, J.N., R.M. Kaminski, A.G. Leach, A.E. Ezell and T.D Leininger. 2015. Acorn yield and masting traits of red oak in the Lower Mississippi River alluvial valley.  Forest Science 62: 18-27. 

Davis, J., J. N. Straub, R. M. Kaminski, G. Wang, B. Leopold. 2015.  Recruitment of box-nesting wood ducks in Mississippi and Alabama.  Journal of Wildlife Management 79: 907-916. 

Macy G.A. and J.N. Straub. 2015.  Occupancy, detection and co-occurrence rates of American black and mallard ducks in the Saranac Lakes Wild Forest Area.  Adirondack Journal of Environmental Studies. 

Hagy, H.M., J.N. Straub, M.L. Schummer and R.M. Kaminski. 2014.  Annual variation in food densities and factors affecting wetland use by waterfowl in Mississippi Alluvial Valley. Wildfowl special issue 4: 436-450. 

Stafford, J.D., A.K. Janke, M.J. Anteau, A.T. Pearse, A.D. Fox, J. Elmberg, J.N. Straub, M.W. Eichholz and C. Arzel. 2014.  Spring migration of waterfowl in the northern hemisphere: a conservation perspective. Wildfowl special issue 4: 70-85. 

Straub, J. N., R. J. Gates, R. Schultheis, T. Yerkes, J. Coluccy and J. D. Stafford. 2011. Wetland food resources for spring-migrating ducks in the Upper Mississippi River and Great Lakes Region.  The Journal of Wildlife Management 76: 768-777.

INVITED PRESENTATIONS (Last 5 years)                                               

Straub, J.N. My Perspective on the future of the waterfowl management enterprise. Future of Waterfowl 2 Worskshop. Shepheardstwon, WV, 25-27 September 2017.

Straub, J.N. A waterfowl and wetlands research agenda for Wisconsin. Ducks Unlimited's Wisconsin State Convention. Stevens Point, WI, 4 February 2017.  

Straub, J.N. Wildlife & northern forest wetlands. North Central Wisconsin Woodland Owners Conference. Wausau, WI, 11 February 2017.

Straub, J.N. The duck stops here: managing wildlife and wetlands at a continental scale. Waterfowl and Wetlands Colloquium Series, College of Natural Resources, Stevens Point, WI, 16 February 2017.

Straub, J.N. UW Stevens Point Waterfowl/Wetland Endowment Goals & Objectives. Wisconsin Waterfowl Hunters Conference. Wisconsin Rapids, WI, 11 March, 2017.

Straub, J.N. An update on teaching, research and service for the Kennedy-Grohne Chair in Waterfowl and Wetlands Conservation. College of Natural Resources Advisory Board. Stevens Point, WI, 5 May, 2017.

Straub, J.N. Wood duck demography in Wisconsin: project overview. Private Lands Coordination meeting. Sarona, WI, 14 June, 2017.

Straub, J.N. Honorary remarks. Installation of the inaugural Kennedy-Grohne Chair in Waterfowl and Wetlands Conservation. College of Natural Resources, Stevens Point, WI, 10 October 2016.

Straub, J.N. New York Waterfowl and Wetlands collaborative network (NYWWN).  Opening remarks, Rice Creek Field Station, SUNY Oswego. 28 July, 2015.  

Malanchuk, J. and J.N. Straub.  Criteria of natural cavities for cavity-nesting waterfowl in northern Vermont.  NYWWN meeting, Rice Creek Field Station, SUNY Oswego, 28 July, 2015. 

Stafford, J., A. Janke, A. Pearse, M. Anteau, M. Eichholz, A. Fox, J. N. Straub, J. Elmberg, and C. Arzel.  Waterfowl habitat use and selection – spring migration and pre-breeding.  Plenary Presentation.  6th North American Duck Symposium and Ecology and Management of North American Waterfowl Conference, Memphis, TN.  28 January, 2013. 

Straub, J.N. Synchrony and variability in seed crops of Quercus spp.  Fisheries and Wildlife Seminar Series, Paul Smith's College.  Paul Smith's, New York.  18 October, 2013. 

Straub, J.N.  Ivory-Billed Woodpecker in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley.   Invited seminar given to Wildlife Club at SUNY-Plattsburgh, Plattsburgh, New York.  11 November, 2013.

Straub, J.N. Waterfowl and wetland resources in northeastern New York.  Waterfowl and Wetlands Research, Management and Conservation in the Lower Great Lakes: Partners' Forum 2013.  Winous Point Marsh Conservancy. 21-23 May, 2013.