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The Wausau Homes Writing Center is conveniently located in the Tutoring-Learning Center space in the UW-Stevens Point at Wausau library.

What Happens at the Writing Center

The Wausau Homes Writing Center offers UW-Stevens Point at Wausau students one-on-one assistance with writing projects in all disciplines. Writers can come to the Writing Center and work with trained peer-tutors at any time in the writing process, from brainstorming ideas for a new assignment, to working on final revisions. The Writing Center is here to provide feedback on student writing and help students analyze and revise their work. Writers should plan to spend approximately thirty minutes working with a peer tutor on their writing project. 

Tutors at the Writing Center do not copyedit papers for writers; rather, they engage in conversation about the writer’s project in order to help the writer achieve their goals.

Students often wonder what happens during an appointment. Typically the sessions begin with the tutor asking about the assignment, the stage the writer is at, and what goals the writer has for their project.  From there, often the writer or tutor will read the paper out loud, although if the writer is uncomfortable with that, it isn’t required.  After reviewing the paper, the peer-tutor will take cues from the writer and consider the paper as a way of moving the conversation forward. The conversation might be about organization, thesis statements, or evidence, or could focus on style or clarity. Most appointments will end with the tutor asking the writer what they plan to work in their next set of revisions.  No two writing center appointments are ever alike as writers and their projects are unique!

How to Make an Appointment

Scheduling an appointment to work with a tutor is easy! Just stop by the Tutoring-Learning Center to make an appointment. While it is possible to drop in and work with a tutor if they don’t have a scheduled appointment, the best way to ensure time to work with one of the Writing Center tutors is to sign up for an appointment. 

For more information, contact:

Ingrid ClarkZavadoski
Wausau Homes Writing Center Coordinator

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