Important Advising Information for Current Wausau Campus Students!

Please read the Fall 2020 Semester FAQ's Sept16th.pdf. This document will be updated with frequently asked questions (FAQ's) and information about the Fall 2020 semester. Refer to this document regularly for updates.

If you need help joining your advisor's Zoom meeting, see the Zoom Guide for Students.pdf.

For a guide on registering for classes with the Schedule Builder function, see Schedule Builder Outline.pdf.

If you have trouble accessing Zoom from home, there is a computer in the Solution Center dedicated to this purpose. Check in at the front desk to see if it is available.

General Advising Information

Whether you are an undecided student who has not yet chosen a major or a student with a very defined life and transfer goal you should definitely visit with an advisor. Advisors can help you select coursework and alert you to information and special opportunities.

Although the ultimate responsibility for making decisions about educational plans and life goals rests with you, the student, advisors are available to offer you assistance with this by helping you to identify and assess alternatives and make choices. Ultimately advisors will assist you in making the choices with which you will be the most satisfied.

Students should schedule a minimum of one appointment with an advisor each semester. Quick questions may be done on a walk-in basis, while in-depth program planning and course selection should be done by appointment. Advisors' hours are available at the Solution Center front desk.

Students are encouraged to consult an advisor concerning major, career exploration, concerns, course sequencing and selection.

Associate's Degree related forms:

Associate's Degree Requirements Worksheet.pdf

Professional AAS in Applied Finance - Two-Year Graduation Plan.pdf

Professional AAS in Applied Finance - Course List.pdf

Professional AAS in Environmental Science and Management - Course List.pdf

Professional AAS in Health Science - Course List.pdf

Professional AAS in Human Services - Course List.pdf

Professional AAS in Leadership and Project Management - Two-Year Graduation Plan.pdf

Professional AAS in Leadership and Project Management - Course List.pdf

Associate of Arts and Sciences Approved Courses and Requirements

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact the Solution Center at or 715-261-6235. The office is open Monday-Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM. 

Current students can also download the Navigate app and schedule their own appointments.

Advising FAQ

Our academic advisors want to make it as easy as possible for you to succeed. Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us!

 How do I know What Classes to Take?

It depends upon your educational goals, where you want to transfer. If you know where you wish to transfer, we will assist you in selecting courses that directly meet your transfer goals. There are numerous resources available for assistance with this. If you are currently unsure about career or educational plans, we may direct you to our Associate Degree. This degree meets the general education requirements for all of the University of Wisconsin campuses and is a good safe way to start exploring your options.

 How Many Classes Should I Take?

Meeting with an advisor will help in determining how many credits will be right for you. There are many factors to consider, including family, financial, employment obligations. Reduced credit loads are suggested for employed students.

 Will my Credits Transfer?

Yes! UWSP at Wausau is regionally accredited, and credits transfer all over the nation. We are part of the University of Wisconsin system, which is recognized all over the world. We are also connected to Transfer-Wisconsin so you can check out exactly how each individual course will transfer within the University of Wisconsin system. If you have questions please see an advisor. We would be delighted to discuss your transfer concerns with you.

 What if I Find That I’m having Academic Difficulty?

UWSP at Wausau has free individual peer tutoring available in all subjects through the Tutoring Learning Center. If you begin having difficulty in one or more classes, please visit with an academic advisor or your instructor immediately, before any difficulty you are experiencing becomes unmanageable. There are many available resources and options to make your academic experiences at UWSP at Wausau successful. Although students may add and drop classes during the first two weeks of classes, there are definite time frames and deadlines for these changes to occur without impacting a student’s academic record and/or financial aid.

 What if I don’t know what to major in?

UWSP at Wausau is the perfect place to start exploring your options. You can start with an Associates Degree, and while you are here do career exploration activities. We offer interest inventories, computer-assisted searches, and Internet access. You can also meet individually with advisors and/or a career counselor to help in your decision-making process.

 How long is this going to take me?

It depends on how many classes you take each semester, your grades, how well you have planned for your transfer, and how ready you are in making a decision about your college major. Generally 15 or 16 credits every semester will allow a student to complete most programs in 4 years.

 What is a credit?

Time in class is measured in credits. For example, 3 hours of class each week is generally equal to 3 credits. The amount of credits each class is worth is found in your course schedule and ranges from 1 – 5.

 How long should I stay at UW-Stevens Point at Wausau?

In most instances, you can stay here for two years on a full-time basis. There are some majors at some universities where it may be wise to transfer earlier. You can also accelerate your academics by attending Summer school and/or Winterim session.

 Will my GPA (Grade point Average) follow me to my next school?

There are some colleges and some majors that are very difficult to get into, and your GPA will be a factor for acceptance into these programs. However, once you transfer, your GPA will usually begin anew.

 How much is college going to cost?

Financial aid, scholarships, grants and loans can help make the cost easier to manage. For information on what is available, please see our financial aid representative who is located in the Solution Center.

 When I transfer will I be a junior or freshman?

Your status as a university student depends on how many credits you have accumulated. Typically it goes as follows for the semester system:

Freshman: 0 – 29
Sophomore: 30 – 59
Junior: 60 – 89
Senior: 90 and above

 Do I need a foreign language?

Some universities will expect that you have a foreign language prior to transferring and others will expect you to pick it up before you graduate. Some universities will not require it at all. If you are unsure, contact an advisor.

 Who can I contact for assistance?

The Solution Center is a great place to start for a variety of your needs. For an appointment, call 715-261-6235.

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