Student-made groundwater model used in classrooms
Water Systems Operator magazine
By Pete Litterski

When Joanne Rufft visits a fourth grade classroom on Delaware’s Delmarva Peninsula, she brings along a couple of models, some handouts, a video or two, and three phrases she repeats as often as possible during her 90-minute presentations.

“We talk about three principles when it comes to water: Preserve it. Protect it. Conserve it,” says Rufft, director of community relations and environmental initiatives for Artesian Water Company, an investor-owned utility based in Wilmington, Del....

...The visual aids Rufft uses include an EnviroScape Non-Point Source Model and a Sand Tank Groundwater Model built and marketed by members of the student chapter of the American Water Resources Association at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. On most classroom visits, Rufft also shows all or part of the AWWA educational video “The Story of Drinking Water,” and hands out its accompanying booklet.



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