Tobacco-free university is good for all: Our View
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Congratulations to everyone on the campus of University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point who can breathe a little easier now that the campus has gone tobacco-free.
It is hard to believe that just a generation ago, professors and students smoked in the classroom; Johnny Carson smoked on television; people smoked on airplanes and in their cars and, oh, right, even in bars and restaurants. Today, all of those things seem incredibly foreign, including smoke-filled taverns, despite the fact that Wisconsin’s smoke-free workplaces law is only a few years old.
The march toward smoke-free public spaces is a major public health success story for our time, and we look forward to further reductions in the population’s smoking rate. That’s doubly true for younger people, including the young adults attending UWSP, for whom dabbling in nicotine addiction can turn into a lifelong demon.

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