Education professor comments on state academic standards
Central Wisconsin Sunday

By Logan Carlson

State legislators held public hearings earlier this month at the behest of Tea Party groups throughout the state to review the implementation of academic standards adopted by the Department of Public Instruction, or DPI, more than three years ago.

State Superintendent Tony Evers signed onto the Common Core State Standards in 2010, and school districts across the state have been making the slow adjustment to the math and English standards. This year, 20 percent of Wisconsin schools are participating in a pilot program of the Smarter Balanced Assessment, which will replace the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam next year in grades three through eight.​..

...Pamela Bork, an assistant professor of education at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, disagrees.

“Anyone looking at those standards and holding them side by side would see there is much more rigor in (the Common Core) standards,” Bork said. “The local school district can do a lot to maintain its autonomy within the Common Core. Districts totally retain the right to tailor its curriculum and do what they think is best for their regional area.”



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