UW-Stevens Point student and Point resident grateful for current job, looking forward to more opportunities
Stevens Point Journal

By Nathan Vine

Benjamin Kollock considers himself an optimistic person, and believes there are better times ahead for himself and the economy.

Five years after the start of the Great Recession, Kollock said he’s actually in a better place financially and currently is going to college with the goal of expanding a side business and possibly moving on to a new career down the road.

“I think of myself as a positive person. I believe the worst parts of (the recession) are over and things are going to keep getting better, and I was fortunate to do as well as I did during these last few years,” said Kollock, 25, of Stevens Point. “I saw a lot of friends who had a tough time getting jobs, but that seems to be getting better and you see more storefronts getting filled up.”


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