Wisconsin Environmental Education Board awards grants
The Wisconsin Environmental Education Board (WEEB) has awarded 35 grants worth more than $330,000.
Projects include both statewide and local initiatives. They are aimed at more than 53,000 Wisconsin residents. The goal is to obtain a better understanding of and appreciation for built and natural environments, and the inter-connectedness of environment and economy.
This year for the first time, approximately $55,000 was distributed for water education grants thanks to the Wisconsin Environmental Education Foundation (WEEF) and its funding partners. This grant fund was made possible with major donations from the Madison Gas & Electric Foundation, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Energy Foundation. Individual donors and nonprofit organizations also contributed to support this new water education grant program.
These projects will help protect the quality and quantity of Wisconsin waters. Through the growth of programs and partnerships like this one, WEEF hopes all Wisconsin residents and visitors will be motivated to be active stewards of Wisconsin's water resources, share a basic knowledge of water education and conservation, and have opportunities to advance their water literacy through internships and career training.
A complete description of recipients' projects (including abstract and partnering organizations) is online, http://cnrapps.uwsp.edu/weeb/Grants.aspx. Initiated in 1990, WEEB’s mission is to “provide leadership in the development of learning opportunities that empower Wisconsin citizens with the knowledge and skills needed to make wise environmental decisions and take responsible actions in their personal lives, work places and communities.”
For more information on the WEEB’s environmental education grant program, including future grant opportunities, contact Administrative Specialist Ginny Carlton at 715-346-3805 or weeb@uwsp.edu.

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