Political science professor to speak as part of Title IX lecture series

An expert in constitutional law will present the history and impact of debates surrounding Title IX in a free lecture at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. 

Professor John Blakeman of the Political Science Department will talk about “The Politics and Law of Title IX” at 7 p.m. Tuesday, October 29, as part of the year-long “Access to Opportunity” lecture series at UW-Stevens Point. Held in the Laird Room at the Dreyfus University Center on campus, the lecture is open to the public. 

The series marks UW-Stevens Point’s hosting of the NCAA Division III Women’s Basketball Final Four in March 2014, and centers on the “access to opportunity” Title IX gave young women playing scholastic sports. 

Blakeman will discuss the history of the Title IX statute, the political debate in Congress when it passed and subsequent debates in Congress over its application to university and school athletic programs. “I’ll also cover how the law has been interpreted by courts and some of the major legal disputes that have arisen, and the overall impact of the law on higher education and American society in general,” he said.

 Blakeman has been at UW-Stevens Point since 2003.  He teaches Constitutional Law I: Federalism and Separation of Powers; Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights and Liberties; Law and Society; Religion and Politics; European Politics; Politics of the EU. His most recent book, “The U.S. Supreme Court and the New Federalism: From the Rehnquist to the Roberts Court,” was published in 2012. A Kentucky native, he is a former rugby player who has coached and refereed the game in the United States and England.


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