‘Out on Screen’ film festival continues at UW-Stevens Point

The third annual “Out on Screen” Film Festival will continue its screenings at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point through March and mid-April.

The film screenings are free and open to the public. Each begins at 7 p.m. in the Dreyfus University Center Theater, offering audiences the latest award-winning independent and feature films to explore the diversity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) spectrum. “Out on Screen” is presented with support from UW-Stevens Point's Gender and Sexuality Alliance student organization. The second installation of the film series includes:

  • Tuesday, March 25, “Valentine Road” – This documentary chronicles the 2008 murder of 15-year-old Larry King by classmate Brandon McInerey, and discusses homophobia and racism.

  • Thursday, April 4, “Margarita” – This Canadian drama tells the story of a Mexican lesbian nanny who confronts unemployment, deportation and love. 

  • Friday, April 4, “Kill Your Darlings” – This feature recounts the previously untold story of a murder that brought together a young Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe), Jack Kerouac (Jack Huston) and William Burroughs (Ben Foster) at Columbia University in 1944.

  • Monday, April 7, “All About My Mother” – A grieving mother encounters a pre-op transwoman prostitute, a pregnant nun and a lesbian actress who help her after she loses her son.

  • Wednesday, April 9, “Saving Face” – A story of unspoken loves and contemporary cultural taboos, "Saving Face" depicts the journey of two women learning to live their lives honestly. 

  • Monday, April 14, “G.B.F.” – A teen comedy about a young man who comes out as the first openly gay student at school. Three popular girls race to bag the fashionable "Gay Best Friend," and he must choose between skyrocketing popularity and the friends he is leaving behind. 

The Faculty and Staff Gay-Straight Alliance brings together LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies across campus to reduce fear, prejudice and discrimination. The group educates the campus community on LGBTQ+ issues and promotes a safe and open environment to welcome, encourage, discuss and support diversity.  For more information on the “Out on Screen” Film Festival, including film trailers and a complete schedule, visit OutOnScreen.wordpress.com.


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