Printmaking, up close and personal, at Monoprint 2013
Discover the various methods of creating fine art prints as 13 nationally and internationally recognized artists serve a residency at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. 
The third biennial “Monoprint 2013: A Gathering of Artists,” held Friday, May 31, through Thursday, June 6, offers the public a closer look at the creative process. Observe at no charge from 1-5 p.m. each day in Room 183 of the Noel Fine Arts Center, 1800 Portage St., as these artists create fine art prints while working with students and faculty from the Department of Art and Design. 
“Monoprints are a form of printmaking that yields a single unique impression, in contrast to methods like lithography, woodcuts/linoleum cuts, silkscreen or intaglio (etching) and, most recently, digital images,” said Bob Erickson, a professor of Art and Design at UW-Stevens Point. “In many ways, monoprints are a cross between printmaking, painting and drawing.”
The unique prints created during the six-day residency will be for sale on Thursday, June 6, from 6:30-8:30 p.m., during a one-night gala and exhibition at the Carlsten Gallery in the Noel Fine Arts Center. All the prints will be 20- by 24-inch, framed and ready to hang. All proceeds will fund programs, scholarships and equipment for the Department of Art & Design.
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Artists taking part in Monoprint 2013 are: 
·         John Armstrong (Phoenix, Ariz.)
·         Bob Erickson (Amherst Junction)
·         Julia Goos Pence (Portland, Ore.)
·         Caren Heft (Stevens Point)
·         JinMan Jo (Plover)
·         Joshua Kolbow (West Bend)
·         Kristen Martincic (Columbia, Mo.)
·         Dennis Nechvatal (Madison)
·         Deb Oden (Savannah, Ga.)
·         John Schulz (Boston, Mass.)
·         Eung-Won Suh (Seoul, South Korea)
·         Cerese Vaden (Tempe, Ariz.)
·         Danielle Wyckoff (Grand Rapids, Mich.)

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