Free lecture series offered by College of Letters and Science

Faculty experts from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point will discuss a wide variety of topics, such politics in light of climate change and the culture of Portage County’s Hmong residents, in a public lecture series offered in the coming academic year.

The College of Letters and Science Community Lecture Series will be held on select Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in the Pinery Room at the Portage County Public Library, 1001 Main St., Stevens Point. The public is invited to attend free of charge.

The first of eight lectures, “I Foresee All Sorts of Unforeseen Problems: Climates and Constitutions” will be held Tuesday, September 10, presented by Brad Mapes-Martins, professor of political science at UW-Stevens Point.

"Climate change poses unique political challenges because it crosses borders, impacts many generations and requires the cooperation of large populations represented by many types of government,” said Mapes-Martins. “By looking at how the U.S. political system shapes responses to climate change, we are also able to see how climate change is straining that system." 

Mapes-Martins came to UW-Stevens Point in 2008 and has taught Introduction to Political Theory, Environmental Policy and Introduction to American Politics.   

The Community Lecture Series schedule also includes:

  • Oct. 8 – Plant Envy: Attempting to Understand and Replicate the Chemistry of Photosynthesis, Nate Bowling, Department of Chemistry

  • Nov. 12 – Starbucks, iPads and French Literature, Vera Klekovkina, Department of Foreign Languages

  • Dec. 10 – From Saint Nick to Santa Claus: A Christmas History, Shanny Luft, Department of Philosophy

  • Feb. 11, 2014 – Ultra-Sensitive Magnetic Microscopy of Individual Nanomagnets, Palash Banerjee, Department of Physics and Astronomy

  • March 11, 2014 – When is Guilt Actually Good for the Environment?, Mark Ferguson, Department of Psychology

  •  April 8, 2014 – Importance of Indigenous Languages: Ojibwa and Runasimi (Qeuchua), Elia Armacanqui-Tipacti, Department of Foreign Languages, and Sonny Smart, Department of Sociology and Social Work

  • May 6, 2014 – Finding the Middle Way: The Hmong People of Portage County, Tori Jennings, Department of Philosophy, and Maysee Herr, School of Education


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