Student government chief wants to help peers succeed

Student Government Association President Chris Slattery consistently stands out in a sea of faces at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and not just because of his easily recognized glasses. It’s because he is elated to help his fellow Pointers find what they need to succeed.

The Student Government Association “is about giving outreach,” said Slattery, a Junction City, Wisconsin, native. “Some situations students face can be difficult to overcome. There’s no silver bullet. But student government is a way to voice issues and we want to help students see that. We all want to make sure students realize their potential.”

Slattery was looking for what his own potential could be when he graduated from high school. In 2007, he followed his grandfather’s footsteps into the military. Slattery’s grandfather, a master sergeant, was a B-24 mechanic in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II. Slattery joined the U.S. Air Force and served stateside in Grand Forks, North Dakota, as an emergency medical technician.

Slattery left the Air Force in 2011 when he decided to continue his education and reconnect with his family. That made the close-to-home UW-Stevens Point a perfect fit. He attends on the GI Bill and has three semesters remaining toward his history major and political science minor.

Slattery first served others at UW-Stevens Point through the university’s Veterans Club in 2012. He was an organizer of the group’s ice fishing tournament that raised more than $3,000 for Veterans Outdoor World and Camp American Legion, a resort in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. The camp helps veterans who need rest and recuperation from physical or psychological afflictions.

Since then, he has served the Student Involvement and Employment office as a volunteer in the Cupboard, a food pantry open to UW-Stevens Point students who need emergency or supplemental food.

Student government, though, has been his ultimate calling.

“Student government affects services from the Student Involvement and Employment Office to University Recreational Sports,” Slattery said. “This organization has the ability to help other students find life-long learning. It’s why the (Student Government Association) fits so well for me.”

The Student Government Association often allocates student fees for projects such as:

  • Student organizations
  • Textbook rental
  • Schmeeckle Reserve
  • University Centers
  • Allen Center
  • City bus service
  • Math and science group tutoring
Some of its goals and projects for the upcoming academic year include:
  • Advising reform
  • Student veteran accreditation
  • Attendance policy reform
  • Alcohol and drug awareness
  • Building relationships with legislators in Madison
  • Sustainability including bike-rental programs
  • Student health and implementation of the UW-Stevens Point tobacco-free policy

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