Update: UW-Stevens Point remains open Jan. 28, 2014

UW-Stevens Point will remain open for business, and classes will be held Tuesday.

Because dangerously cold weather is expected to continue through Wednesday morning, students and employees are encouraged to use discretion in deciding whether they can travel safely to and from campus. It is important that students contact their instructors if they do not plan to attend.

Everyone is urged to dress appropriately for the cold. This includes wearing a hat, mittens and coat and keeping skin covered. Instructors are expected to be flexible with attendance policies during this period, particularly for students who may have health conditions or mobility disabilities.

Students are aware of a new policy that requires instructors to take attendance at least once during the first eight days of the semester. If you notify your instructor that you are not able to attend class Tuesday because of the weather, your absence will not be counted.

Supervisors are expected to honor reasonable requests of employees to arrive late or to leave early because of inclement weather.

Parents who work at UW-Stevens Point may need to find child care Tuesday. Our inclement weather policy provides several options. If you cannot report to work, contact your supervisor. You may use paid leave, other than sick leave, with your supervisor’s permission, or leave without pay if none is available. An employee may make up some or all of the time missed, if the supervisor approves. See the complete Human Resources policy below.

Outdoor activities are to be rescheduled or moved indoors for the duration of the severe cold.

If there are heat or other building related issues, please call Facilities Services at 715-346-4219.

We want all faculty, staff members, students and their families to be safe. Please use appropriate precautions when outside during extreme cold. Again, if your circumstances make travel hazardous, contact your supervisor or instructor.

Please see this previous message for valuable cold temperature safety information: https://mypoint.uwsp.edu/announcements/ViewAnnouncement.aspx?ID=10007025.

We will continue to monitor the weather. Check email and the UW-Stevens Point website for any possible changes in campus status.


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