WSAW: Internship program at UW-Stevens Point has proven itself as a valuable asset for students
WSAW Channel 7 Wausau

​By Holly Chilsen

The number of internships are increasing. That's according to Sue Kissinger, the assistant director for Career Services at UW-Stevens Point..

Student discusses her resume with Career Services at UW-Stevens Point (WSAW photo)

"We really find that our most successful students have done so much more than just going to class and going home," Kissinger said.

She added that the school's internship program is valuable for the university, beyond preparing students to gain work experience.

"Allowing yourself to not only develop technical and hard skills, but your soft skills too," she said.

Those are things like critical thinking, leadership and work ethic. Internships also better a student's chances of getting hired when they graduate.

"We're finding employers, up to 80%, are offering full time positions after they complete their internship successfully," Kissinger said with a smile.


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