WSAW Your Town: UWSP students highlight Stevens Point history with documentaries
WSAW Channel 7 Wausau

​By Kailin Schumacher

University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point students are putting together two documentaries highlighting the town’s history. Throughout the semester they have gathered information, pictures, video and interviews with local community member for their two short films titled The Fate of the Fox and One Last Cast: Keeping Fly Fishing Alive in Stevens Point.

"Most towns, you would never think that fly fishing and a theater would have anything in common. In Stevens Point we're really lucky that those are both stories of our community and they tell where we come from,” Nicole Riggs, the PR director for the documentaries said.

UWSP student puts the finishing touches on their documentary titled The Fate of the Fox on Dec. 5, 2019. (WSAW Photo)

The class has had to keep up with the Fox Theaters fate as it has changed over the last few months adding a journalistic element to the class. They hope to preserve its history on film. They also hope to keep the significance of fly fishing alive in Stevens Point as it once was known as the fly tying capitol of the United States. Along with the documentaries, the class has also put together a museum exhibit on fly fishing in the Museum of Natural History on campus.


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