UW-Stevens Point part of $7 million-a-year aquaculture business in Wisconsin
Wisconsin State Journal

Order Atlantic salmon from a restaurant menu or pick out a fillet from a Madison grocery display case and it’s likely the fish was farm-raised in Chile, Scotland or, perhaps, Maine.

And soon, likely Wisconsin.

An artesian spring bubbling from the rock and sand just a mile east of the Mississippi River in Crawford County could help add Wisconsin to the list of salmon sources and help grow the state’s relatively small aquaculture industry that is dominated by trout farms...

...There are 211 privately owned commercial fish farms in the state. Most raise trout but some raise yellow perch, panfish and, in recent years, talapia, a warm-water fish that in Wisconsin needs to be grown in tanks indoors. In addition, researchers at UW-Stevens Point, using the Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility in Bayfield County, have developed a methodology to raise in indoor tanks a walleye and sauger hybrid that can reach market size in less than a year, Johnson said.


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