WSAW: Young and first-time voters share concerns, priorities ahead of April primary
WSAW Channel 7 Wausau

​By Naomi Kowles

Universal basic income. Reproductive rights. A limited federal government. Immigration. Universal healthcare. Affordable education.

NC7's Naomi Kowles talks with UWSP-Marshfield student, Zaria Noth, March 11, 2020 (WSAW Photo)

Whether sporting a MATH hat or a MAGA shirt, young and first-time presidential voters across north central Wisconsin college campuses care about issues as diverse as the students themselves.

Nine students from the UWSP-Stevens Point, Marshfield, and Wausau campuses sat down with NewsChannel 7 to share their priorities and concerns going into April’s presidential primary election. Most of them will cast their first ballots for a presidential candidate on April 7, a move that several have anticipated for years.

“I’ve been interested in politics probably since I was in elementary school,” political science and communications major Dyllan Griepentrog said with a chuckle. He’s not alone; others admit to political awareness from an early age.


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