WSAW: UWSP flips the trend, sees decrease in COVID-19 cases
WSAW Channel 7 Wausau

​By Noah Manderfeld

In a time when COVID-19 cases are rising across the state of Wisconsin, UW- Stevens Point is seeing a decrease.

What was 111 cases in one week at UWSP, turned to 32 the next week.

“The messaging we have done has worked,” Al Thompson, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at UWSP, said.

It didn’t look that way just a few weeks ago when an average of 20 new cases a day were popping up. Monday, just two were reported.

“I think our students have jumped on that and done a wonderful job," Thompson said.

It hasn’t been a change in philosophy. Social distancing, masks, hand sanitizers, and testing are still the emphasis—like at the beginning of the year. But Thompson speculates students are settling into the school year.


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