WJFW: Wausau community leader calls for protesters to seek infrastructural solutions
WJFW Channel 12 Rhinelander

​By Dan Hagen

Chris Norfleet said "peace" won't change anything.

"Because peace led us to one of the most peaceful men in America being murdered - Martin Luther King," said Norfleet....

...UW-Stevens Point History Professor Lee Willis said changes in laws came from this period of unrest. But although they were no longer overtly discriminatory, they still had the same result for black Americans.

"There are now more African-Americans incarcerated in the United States than there were enslaved in 1850," said Willis.

Professor Willis explained the nation's war on drugs legalized the ability for police officers to raid black communities, arrest young black men, and incarcerate them for many years.

"And you might say 'well that's because they're the ones committing the crimes' and actually that's not true," said Willis. "The majority of drug dealers, users, pushers are white."


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