Mentorship program helps UWSP freshman have a smooth transition into college

​LEAP mentor Sierra Krueger speaks with first-year student Sasha 

WAOW Channel 9 Wausau

By Victoria Saha

Freshman year comes with excitement and nerves.

For many students like Sasha LeDoux-Wrege, it’s their first time being independent and away from their families.

That is where the LEAP Program comes in.

“The LEAP program has definitely brought a lot of people together and since we are all living in the same hall I can say hello and know people,” LeDoux-Wreg said.

25 students are in the Learning, Education, Achievement Program.

This school year was the first year mentors and mentees are able to share the same residence hall.

“This program is really to help those students be as successful as possible into this new college life,” said Lara Olsen the program director.

Those students moved in one week earlier to give them some extra time to transition.


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