The Wisconsin job market is hot for spring grads

​Business major Brett Tauber will graduate in May and has a job as an
auditor with Deloitte, an accounting firm in Milwaukee.

WAOW Channel 9 Wausau

By Amanda Lowjewski

As college students prepare for graduation, jobs are top of mind. However with a strong job market straight ahead, it’s a little less stressful.

“Do you want a paycheck or do you want a meaningful career that you love getting up every morning, you see that you’re challenged, you see your advancement and professional development opportunities. There’s a difference if you just want to pay your bills a that’s a job not a career.” says Sue Kissinger, career specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

2019 graduates are entering a job market that has both low national and state unemployment rates but a high demand for workers. “Post graduation I accepted a job with Deloitte which is one of the big four accounting firms in Milwaukee, I will be working with the audit and insurance team as an auditor” says Brett Tauber a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.


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