WAOW: UWSP plans to return to normal in fall
WAOW Channel 9 Wausau

By Brittany Slaughter

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP) has announced they will be returning to full in-class instruction and right now are planning to have campus events.

"Theater performance and athletic events- the community is not just the same without them, we all know that. We're all excited at the prospect and we know we have some tough months ahead but we're pretty confident by next fall things will be much more back to normal," UWSP Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Greg Summers said.

Currently the university is conducting a hybrid of in class and virtual learning for students but they are excited to get closer to the way things used to be.

"To say, 'hey we're going to have a season this year,' I'm not wasting anything this year, I finally get to go out and play one last year, give it my all, and be back with my boys on the field, so I'm just super excited, exhilarated," Senior football player James Thompson said.


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