An Aber Suzuki Center Experience, from a First Timer’s Point of View
American Suzuki Journal

​By Iain Macpherson

Stevens Point, Wisconsin, didn’t really mean all that much to me as I boarded a plane in Ottawa, Canada, heading for a week-long Suzuki Voice teacher training course. I never expected such a “small city” to have such a “big heart.” At the heart of the city is the University of Wisconsin­­­–Stevens Point, where I had the opportunity to work with the biggest heart of them all, Mary Hofer.
Upon arrival at the Central Wisconsin Airport, after an unscheduled four hour layover in Chicago, I had little hope that anyone would be waiting for me; nevertheless, I was greeted in the baggage area by the kind, smiling face of Mary Hofer. Mrs. Hofer, a Suzuki Voice specialist and my teacher trainer for the week, had been instrumental in making this experience possible; not only had she kindly agreed to offer this course outside of the regular teacher training schedule, but also to offer it on a one-on-one basis—I was the sole teacher trainee for the duration of the week—which was only a glimpse into her sense of dedication and hospitality.

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