PBS 'American Creed' doc features UWSP student, Marine vet Tegan Griffith
Stevens Point Journal

​By Keith Uhlig

An upcoming PBS documentary exploring the national character of the United States will feature a Marine veteran who is now a University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point student.

The filmmakers of "American Creed" first approached Tegan Griffith, 33, in 2014 to see whether she would be interested in participating in their project and determine whether she was a fit for the film. She was living in Madison and working for the state's Department of Veteran Affairs. Griffith also was a leader in the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, activism that caught the eye of the documentarians.

"American Creed" got its start in conversations between Condoleezza Rice, former secretary of state under President George W. Bush, and David Kennedy, a Pulitzer-prize-winning historian who specializes in exploring what it means to be an American. Rice and Kennedy are professors at Stanford University in California, and despite political differences, have struck up a friendship. 


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