UWSP Cheer and Stunt Team Gives Helping Hand
The Pointer, UW-Stevens Point student newspaper

​By Austin Krueger

Many times, student-athletes are given an opportunity to go above and beyond the call of duty and make an impact on something greater than their respective team.

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point cheer and stunt team has been doing just that by helping a group called the DREAM team accomplish their goal of auditioning for America’s Got Talent.

With assistance on stunts and choreography from UWSP cheer, the DREAM team is a special needs cheer leading team that competes in cheer competitions around Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Jacob Szaniawski, junior public relations major and cheer team member, has been helping the DREAM team get ready for their big audition.

“We worked on this since September and it was very stressful, but the end result was all worth it,” Szaniawski said.

A video of a routine performed last year was sent to America’s Got Talent from a member of the team in hopes they would receive a chance to audition for an upcoming show.

After patiently waiting, she finally received a reply saying the DREAM team had been selected to audition in Chicago on Nov. 12.


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