Portage County Gazette: UWSP campuses see uptick of incoming freshmen
Portage County Gazette/City Times

By Kris Leonhardt

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campuses are seeing an uptick in first year enrollment as the school begins its 2020-2021 school year.

"Our main campus is looking at an increase in our freshmen class of 30 percent. For Marshfield, we are looking at an increase in our freshman class of 4 percent, and then Wausau, an increase of about 34 percent," said UW-Stevens Point Office of Admissions and Recruitment Director Marc Young.

Young said that the main campus saw a 400-student increase for the fall of 2020 and in increase in Marshfield of three students, while Wausau is seeing about 55 additional students.

Factors in the enrollment uptick could include the schools increased learning models, students desiring to stay closer to home, or what Young refers to as a "robust review" of the college's admissions and recruitment plan and tactics.

"We've joined forces with our marketing team," he expained. "We've just really dug deep into the data behind our admission activity, our application data, and our admission data, and that's really helped us make informative decisions about where we should go and get the students who are most likely to attend UWSP."


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