PCGazette: PJ Jacobs students learn Native American language through song
Portage County Gazette

By Katelyn Voorhies

Eighth and ninth-grade students at PJ Jacobs Junior High School are practicing a compostion created by music teacher Luke Adsit.

However, the fact that it is composed by Adsit is not the only thing about the performance that makes it unique. The piece is Native American inspired and uses the original Ho-Chunk Nation language.

Allen Cloud of Ho-Chunk aided in the preparation for the composition.

"I chose the theme of the composition about the Ho-Chunk Nation and language because Stevens Point and the surrounding areas are the ancestral lands of the Ho-Chunk," said Adsit. After writing it in English and then having it translated to the native language, Adsit taught the class the proper pronunciation of each word...

...Luke Adsit is completing his education through the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point this spring.


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