What's the Best Way to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh?
By Mary Bagley

Every year, about 25 million Christmas trees are purchased in the United States, according to the National Christmas Tree Association. Keeping it fresh is very important, not only for preserving its beauty, but also to prevent it from becoming a fire hazard. With proper care, a Christmas tree can stay fresh for a month or even longer.

Everyone knows that you must add water to the reservoir in the base of a Christmas tree — and as a rule of thumb, a typical tree absorbs a quart of water for each inch of its diameter. Will adding other household products to the water help keep them fresher longer?
A study at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point confirmed that keeping fresh-cut trees watered will reduce needle loss, refuting claims that watering a dead tree is pointless. However, the study's author, tree scientist Les Werner, says additives such as sugar, aspirin or even vodka don't help. "Clean water still works the best."

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