Alumnus talks about his job in forestry
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
By John Schmid

Few occupations are as crucial to Wisconsin's history, economics and ecology as forestry. The state's vast hardwood forests inspired environmentalists such as
 Aldo Leopold and John Muir. Wisconsin was a pioneer in renewable forestry.

During the past century, the paper mills spawned by the abundant pulp supply became the state's leading industry — Wisconsin remains the No. 1 papermaking state. Lumber mills and manufacturers of windows, doors and furniture also proliferated...

..."I went to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, which has the largest undergraduate college of natural resources in the U.S. and one of the largest forestry programs. In one building, you get exposure to soil science, fisheries, watershed management and all the wildlife that live among the trees. I earned a double degree in both forest management and urban forestry."


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