Back to the Future at Stevens Point
The Chronicle of Higher Education

By Greg Summers, Provost

To Lee Sherman Dreyfus, a former Wisconsin governor and chancellor of the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point, the campus he led was the same as Harvard, just in a different location. Or so claimed Tom Loftus in a recent essay he wrote as a eulogy to UW-Stevens Point.

For Loftus, a former member of the UW System’s Board of Regents and a political colleague of Dreyfus, this once-great university died on March 5, 2018. On that day, my job as provost was to share with the campus curricular recommendations designed to repair our budget and stabilize enrollment.

The proposal called for the elimination of numerous liberal-arts majors, the shifting of resources toward more career-focused programs, and the reimagining of the university’s core liberal-arts curriculum.


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