UW-Stevens Point Fire Crew trains with WDNR
WSAW Channel 7 Wausau
By Elizabeth Schilder
In the past year, 11 people have died in wildfires nationwide. Not to mention in November alone more than 9.2 million acres of forest, brushland and grassland was lost. With wildfires spreading fast and furious, the demand for trained fire crews is higher than ever. NowUW-Stevens Point is stepping up to meet that need with a wildland fire crew certification class.
"I never actually thought that I would be out here doing this type of thing," UW-River Falls student Danielle Peterson said. "But after going through the first two classes and learning about the different experiences you get and also what you're doing, it was perfect. It was amazing."
Peterson and 20 of her classmates made the trip west to UW-Stevens Point this Saturday to get certified as Basic Wildland Firefighters.

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