Free lecture discusses using photosynthesis to harness energy
Photosynthesis is something most everyone learned about in school. But how are scientists using this natural process to harness the energy of sunlight and create useful fuel and materials? Learn more at a free lecture offered by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

 “Plant Envy: Attempting to Understand and Replicate the Chemistry of Photosynthesis” will be held at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 8, presented by Nate Bowling, an associate professor of chemistry. Held in the Pinery Room of the Portage Country Public Library, 1001 Main Street, Stevens Point, this is the second talk in the eight-part College of Letters and Science 2013-2014 Community Lecture Series. The public may attend free of charge. 

“The natural process of photosynthesis is incredibly complex and would be nearly impossible to reproduce,” said Bowling. “Instead, what chemists pursue are simplified systems that yield photosynthesis-like conversion of natural light into storable, usable energy. This requires both an understanding of how photosynthesis works and the ability to design and fabricate synthetic systems with these capabilities.” 

Bowling received his undergraduate degree in chemistry from Valparaiso University and a doctorate in organic chemistry from UW-Madison. He teaches several courses, including Basic Chemistry and Advanced Organic Chemistry. His research and scholarly efforts have resulted in several successful grants including a $248,228 award from the National Science Foundation for development of alternative synthetic routes to complex structures. 

The entire College of Letters and Science Community Lecture Series schedule and videos of previous lectures may be viewed at​ 

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