​2021 UWSP Math Placement and UWSP FastTrack Summer Math

2021 UWSP Placement and the UWSP FastTrack Summer Math Program

This year (2021), due to testing restrictions, UWSP Math Placement will not be based on the site-based UW-System Math Placement Exam.  Instead, at-home UW-System testing and/or ACT or SAT Math sub-scores will be utilized to determine placement (see the table below).

Students who would like an opportunity to re-test or who feel that the placement is not an accurate assessment of their abilities, will likely be allowed to re-take a UW-System Online Math Placement Test from their homes this summer (TBD).  

Students are now able to register for and complete these exams.  Students can register to take their exams at: https://exams.wisc.edu/placement/regionaltesting/information.php. There are two important things to note with the registration process:

  1. When students register for placement testing, they will gain access to all exams.  Students do not need to take all exams. If the student only needs the math placement exam, this is the only test that they need to access. If you are unclear on which test to take, communicate with your advisor. 
  2. In order to streamline the process, students will log in with their campus credentials to complete the registration form.  If a student is unaware of their login or password, they can contact the IT Service Desk at 715-346-HELP / itsvdesk@uwsp.edu.

Within two business days of registering, students will receive an email from Scantron with a username and password for accessing the exams. The exams will be available on demand and students do not need to complete all of their exams in one sitting. The student's web browser must be able to accept cookies, JavaScript, and pop-up windows. It is also recommended that students use the most up-to-date version of their web browser. All of this information will also be included in the email from Scantron.

FastTrack will not be an option for this summer, but if you would like to start preparing now for the retake exam (a splendid idea!), there is an online course to help you.  The course is free and it is a good refresher math course. It starts with an adaptive pre-test.  Please take this adaptive pre-test without any assistance as no one will see this pre-test score and an accurate result on the pre-test helps the program to know where your gaps in understanding are so that it can create a math review just for you!  Here is the link to this free online math course

No matter what your placement is, the Tutoring-Learning Center (TLC) looks forward to supporting your learning in the fall, and throughout your time as a Pointer. If you have any questions about TLC support services or resources, please email us at tlamers@uwsp.edu or tlctutor@uwsp.edu. 

2016-2019 UWSP FastTrack Summer Math Program Information

UWSP's FastTrack Summer Math Program is a great way to move ahead!

If you placed into Math 90 (either on the UW System Math Placement Exam or with an ACT math sub-score < 18 / SAT math sub-score < 490), this program could help you save time and money.

This is a summer program that will allow you to master math concepts by using your summer time to move ahead.

At the end of summer, participants will take a new placement evaluation. If the students move up levels on that assessment, they skip Math 90 in the fall, moving on to the next higher level math needed for their major.

This program also provides tutoring, academic coaching and a support network (a network that will be of great value this summer and beyond).

For questions, please contact Trisha Lamers (tlamers@uwsp.edu / 715-346-2150) or Amanda Meidl (ameidl@uwsp.edu / 715-346-3486).