​                   Courses Offered in the TLC


The TLC hosts over 70 course sections to over 845 students each year. Our course offerings span across academic literacies, and post-secondary learning theory and practice. Nearly all of our tutors and mentors have taken TLC classes as a gateway to their professional development. 

We also have courses any student can add to their schedule. Very popular are our Reading in the Disciplines courses that help students through their concurrent required classes that focus on college-level reading specific to their chosen major and Independent Writing which allows students to work on discovering their individual voice and get help making quality writing.

Here is a complete listing of the courses we offer.

Courses for All Students

EDUC 109  Reading in the Disciplines Discussion Course

Improve critical reading and thinking skills. May be repeated for credit with different subtitles. Must be enrolled in a concurrent designated course.

ENG 157/257/357  Independent Writing

Individualized program for writing improvement based on student needs and personal objectives, taught in conjunction with the Writing Laboratory. May repeat for 3 cr max among ENGL 157, ENGL 257ENGL 357.

EDUC 104  Applied Academic Literacies

Workshops in college-level writing, reading, and learning, as well as transitioning to college.

EDUC 105 Study Skills

Improve skills in textbook comprehension, lecture note-taking, memory, listening, preparation for examinations, time management, and systematic methods of study. Learn about university student support services. 1 hr class per wk; addl 1/2 hr appointments to be arranged.

EDUC 106  Workshops for College Success

Workshops in college-level writing, reading and learning (varies by section). May be repeated for credit with different subtitles.

Courses for Mentors

EDUC 145  Introduction to Mentoring

For student mentors in their first semester. Included topics: history, nature, and skills associated with one-on-one mentoring; understanding university structure; active learning; active listening; the art of questioning; understanding diverse needs; purposeful integration of information; and self-reflective writing.

EDUC 245  Appreciative Mentoring

Learn collaborative process, deepen understanding of learning theory, develop learning techniques, engage mentees in active learning, and refine mentoring relationships.

EDUC 345  Leadership and Transition in Mentoring

Explore and apply leadership theory and principles. Transition from mentoring roles to leadership roles on campus/community. Develop plans for mentoring experience application to academic pursuits and career development.

EDUC 445 Culminating Experience in Mentoring

Apply mentoring literature, knowledge, and experiences towards understanding roles in a holistic and personally-reflective way.

Courses for Tutors

EDUC 301/501  Post-Secondary Learning Theory and Practice

Subtitle will designate area and prerequisites. Available for graduate credit as EDUC 501.

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Other Locations

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