​Mission and Views of Learning


The Tutoring-Learning Center’s mission is to offer student-centered academic support across disciplines. In cooperation with faculty and staff, the center provides peer-to-peer assistance through individual and small group collaboration.

The Tutoring-Learning Center staff strives to maximize academic potential and promote student success and retention in a safe and welcoming environment. We adhere to the following views of learning:

  • An inclusive environment is integral to a liberal education.
  • Every student brings unique abilities to the UWSP campus community.
  • Each discipline has a unique way of reading, writing, and learning.
  • Learning is not generic; learning always occurs in a specific context.
  • Active learning improves a student’s ability to be successful and leads to student ownership of learning.
  • Collaboration encourages the development of critical thinking and benefits both learner and peer educators.
  • Training of peer tutors, consultants, and discussion leaders includes current learning theory and promotes ethical practices.
  • Peer educators model successful learning strategies which encourage students to thrive in a university environment.
  • Collaborative relationships with faculty and staff members across departments and disciplines are a vital component for delivery of our services.