Gerald Avery, BA - Dance (2008)
"There is not anything that I do now either in dancing or in life that I do not hear [my dance professors] voices in my head. They are still with me even though it has been seven years since I have graduated."
Kate Prosser, BA - Drama & BA - Communications (Media Studies)
"I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you taught me at UWSP! I am truly thankful for everything that I learned, and I really value the amazing program at UWSP. I never knew how amazing it was until I got out into the real world and I am so thankful I had such a great experience at UWSP. The professors and staff are some of the best and I really cannot thank you enough for everything. From the bottom of my heart, I really thank you for everything!"

Diane Ballering, BA - Drama
"I was hired to stage manage a show for a grad school here in New York. And these last few weeks I have realized how much better (I feel) my experience at UWSP was compared to this grad school program. (the set designer was drooling over my ability to tape down the set for starters) I'm sure much of it is from the fact that this is a relatively new grad program, but I just felt the need to write and say thanks.
Thanks for giving me not only a good education, but for making it a fun, relaxed atmosphere while working on shows. Thanks for having faith in my abilities and recognizing me as a human being as well as a student. Thanks for, well, just thanks."

Scott Allen Luke, BFA - Musical Theatre
"I credit much of my sense of professionalism, work ethic and overall sense of self to my experience at UWSP, which instilled in me that theatre (and life in general) is a collaborative endeavor that requires dedication, hard work and trust.  UWSP also allowed me to be, as well as become, the person I truly am.  I think it’s all of this that automatically gives me a leg up going into an audition or job.”

Ali Gilbertson, BFA - Acting
Jake Paque (BFA, Acting 2006) and I opened PHEDRE last weekend.  One night during our last week of rehearsal our director was panicking with some things...when I got there she was struggling with covering a couch.  I said, "Here, let me do that.  You got a staple gun?"  So I covered it.

Then we were about to get started with the run and I overheard the director say, "Jake does, I bet Ali does too...Hey Ali!  You have fight experience?"

"Ah, yeah, I do."

"Like, you know what you're doing?"

"Yeah, I was a teacher's assistant and fight captain for a show..."

"Awesome.  Want to be our fight captain and run a fight call every night?"

Then later that night I was on stage and overheard the director say, "I bet Ali knows how... Hey Ali!  Can you do stage makeup?"

"Ah, yeah."

"Like, you're pretty good at it?"

"Took a class...I'm actually very good at it.  I love it."

"Awesome.  Would you do old age on Kym and Collin every night?"


She then exclaimed.  "Ah, I LOVE these WISCONSIN kids!!"