As an actor in the BFA Acting or BFA Musical Theatre Program at UW-Stevens Point, you will have the opportunity to participate in our highly successful Senior Showcase in the heart of New York City. The Showcase provides a real-world experience where graduating seniors travel to New York to audition and perform for select casting directors and agents in theatre, television and film. 

The Showcase is a semester-long course taught by Mark Hanson (coordinator of the Musical Theatre program) and Tyler Marchant (Acting/Directing) who have both worked professionally in New York for many years. They use their expertise to prepare you to perform audition material for working professionals in individual appointments during several days in New York.

You will have a chance to walk the streets of the entertainment capital of the world and get hands-on advice about finding auditions, preparing appropriate material, unions, taxes, and how to build your acting career. This opportunity has been created to help you segue from your university education to the world of the working professional actor.  You will not only have a chance to audition, but you will also receive feedback and advice about the “business” from leading agents and casting directors.

The Senior Showcase is a unique and powerful experience for our graduates. You will be given the tools and knowledge necessary to prevent you from feeling lost amid the immense challenge of starting your career. This opportunity is tailor-made to make this difficult process seem possible and help spread the word of the talent that UW-Stevens Point is cultivating.​