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Made possible by the generosity of Dr. Mimi Dementis O'Dwyer*
*in honor of teacher Jenny Burton


Students who participate in any of these events must study with a Suzuki teacher

Participant Registration Form (required to attend and receive links)

NOTE: Honors Recital Talent Show Video Deadline Extended to June 30 (11:59pm)

ASI at Home Virtual Orchestras   

(Teachers and Alumni welcome)

Be a part of the very first ASI at Home Virtual Orchestras! Register for one or both orchestras on the form below: 
Then follow the steps below:
  1. Get your Guidelines for Recording for the Virtual Orchestra
  2. Download the part and the play-along track (link below).
  3. Practice your part with the play-along track.
  4. Record the yourself playing the part with the play-along track (as in the guidelines).
  5. Upload your recording using the piece-specific links below.
  6. You may play in both orchestras, but it is not required.
When you are done, upload your recorded videos here:     
Uploaded videos are due on July 9

ASI at Home Video Honors Recitals

Video Honors Recitals for 2020 will be compiled from recordings you send to us. The best videos will be woven into a recital movie that will be played during the 4:00 hour M-Th during the week of ASI at Home. The usual guidelines (below) apply.  These performances are the highest level of performance given by any student playing at any age or level and on any instrument.  

 A committee will select videos for the Video Honors Recitals by video audition. Please review the guidelines and deadlines below for further information. Remember that your video audition is also your performance.  This means that concert attire is required in your video, and you should bow both before and after you play. 


Audition Guidelines for the Honors Recitals 

In order for your recorded performance to be selected for inclusion in an Honors Recital, students should follow these guidelines: 

Recordings should be created, with your teacher's help and approval, as an .mp4 file. Please upload your video to YouTube and copy the shareable link to the form linked below. Keep in mind that your recording will be evaluated by a committee, so the link must be shareable; if you don't want the video to be public, choose the option ("unlisted") that allows you to share the video with anyone who has the link. Your video should be set as "NOT appropriate for kids". If this setting is not observed, we will not be able to edit your video into the recital movie. The process for uploading to YouTube can be found here. You should play a piece that demonstrates your finest posture, tone, technique, musical tempo and expression. 

  1. Piano accompaniment is recommended where indicated for instrumentalists and vocalists. The CD piano accompaniment is acceptable.    
  2. Performances should represent the most polished piece, not necessarily the most advanced. 
  3. Performances should be from memory.
  4. Remember that you should wear concert attire and bow both before and after playing.
  5. The deadline for the submission of the solo recital audition recordings is June 29, 2020.  EXTENDED to  11:59 PM on JUNE 30. Please complete the ASI at Home Honors Recital Form, which requires your YouTube link for completion. A confirmation of receipt of your video submission will be sent via email as soon as it arrives, 
  6. The decision of the committee is final.  

New! For Book 1-2 Pianists Only! 5DE14762-663D-4D96-BA4B-11B9362A21C3.jpeg

Are you a Suzuki pianist, currently in Book 1 or early Book 2? Do you have a few Book 1 pieces super-polished! If so, then you can be a part of 

"Tupman the Turtle"!

Tupman is a piano-playing turtle who has fantastic adventures while on a traveling music tour. The story will be accompanied by illustrations, told by a narrator and performed by...YOU! See below for how to become part of the legend of "Tupman the Turtle".

  1. Prepare your Book 1 performance: 
    a. You may submit one twinkle variation and up to 3 Book 1 pieces
    b. Twinkles to be played as follows: Twinkle A and/or B in the LH. Twinkle C and/or Theme in the RH.
  2. Record your performance(s).
  3. Upload your performances to YouTube with your name and the name of the piece in the description. Settings on YouTube should be "Unlisted" and "Not for kids". This allows us to edit the videos.
  4. If you submit more than one piece, please make a separate YouTube video/link for each. Instructions for YouTube in the Honors Recital section and here 
  5. Please complete the Tupman the Turtle Form, and enter your link on that form. Due: July 3
  6. Videos will be reviewed by a committee for inclusion in the composite video. Only the very best performances will be selected and included in the movie.

Thank you for being a part of the story of Tupman! Tune in during ASI at Home to hear and see the tale of the most famous turtle in all piano-dom!

​ASI at Home Talent Show

That's right! Not even a nasty virus can keep us from having a talent show!
Got Talent? If you have abilities like magic, unicycling, or acting, then you can be part of the ASI at Home Talent Show! Here are some guidelines to help you prepare.
  • Submissions must be no longer than 4 minutes in length
  • All acts must be appropriate for young viewers (and will be reviewed by a committee).
  • Decisions of the committee will be final
  • You may submit up to one solo and one group act.
  • Tip - turn your camera on its side (in landscape orientation)
  • Videos should be in mp4 format and uploaded to YouTube. 
  • Settings for your video must be "unlisted" and "Not appropriate for kids" This allows us to edit videos into a useable format.
  • Video must include your name and age and the title of the act.
  • Deadline - June 29.  EXTENDED to 11:59PM on JUNE 30.
  • Complete this ASI at Home Talent Show Form which requires your YouTube link.
Get ready, get set, and have fun!