Costs at American Suzuki Institute (ASI)

Are you in the process of budgeting for your summer institute experience? You can find all standard fees and costs here. Remember that several scholarship options are available, as well as our "Earn Your Way to ASI Tool Kit."


Meals will be in the Dreyfus University Center (DUC) food court.

  • Full Meal Plan (17 meals)

    • Covers Sunday dinner through Saturday breakfast 

    • $115 per week (age 3 and older)

  • Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan (10 meals)

    • Covers lunch and dinner Monday-Friday. 

    • $76 per week (age 3 and older)

  • One kitchen is available on each dormitory floor.


Institute housing is typical university residence halls with communal restrooms and kitchens on some floors. University Residence Hall 

    • Fees: 
      • 1 adult and 1 youth: $282 per week 
      • 2 adults: $312 per week 
      • 2 youths: $252 per week 
      • 1 adult: $210 per week 
      • 1 youth: $180 per week 
    • Refrigerator rental: $30 per week 
    • There are no housing fees for children two and under. 
    • Teen Dorm:
      • Teen dorm fee is $375 per week.
      • Open to students age 13-18, attending one or two weeks.  Early arrival is not permitted. 
      • Fee includes:
        • meals, lodging, special planned activities, and
          full-time supervision by resident counselors.

Early Arrivals 

    • Early arrival is not permitted for the Teen Dorm, but is allowed for all other residence halls. 
    • Early arrivals will only be accepted with advance notice. 
    • Early check-in (Saturday after 2 p.m.) is available for an additional fee 
      • Adult: $35/night 
      • Youth: $30/night


Early Bird Registration Fee (postmarked by May 31), per family                                              


Registration Fee for applications, which include payment in full, postmarked after May 31, per family


Late Payment Fee for registered families with a balance due after May 31                                

​$  50

​Students Pre-Twinkle through Book 2 (15 hrs. of instruction), per week


​Students Book 3 – 5 (20 hrs. instruction/orchestra), per week


​Students Book 6+ (20 hrs. instruction/orchestra + 3-person Master Class), per week


​Suzuki Early Childhood Education Parent & Sibling Class (0-4 year olds)

​$  75

​Suzuki Early Childhood Education CD and Songbook (Required for the above class)                 

​$  25

​Two-week Chamber Music Program (52 hrs. of instruction/orchestra/quartet + 3-person Master Class)

​One-week Chamber Music Program July 29 – Aug 4 ONLY (26 hrs. of instruction/orchestra)​$550


​$  60


 Teacher Class Fees

​Every Child Can!© ​$125
​*Short-term Teacher Training Course - Book 2 and above; 15-hour Supplemental Course; Revisiting Book 1 (per unit)          $445
​Short-term Teacher Training Course – Book 1$775 
​Short-term Teacher Training Course – Practicum                                                                           ​$475
​Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE), Stage 1 or 3 Teacher Training Courses  ​$500      
​Dalton Potter Stringed Instrument Repairs “Close Up”​$190  
​Institute Observer (Adult observing student classes only.  No teacher trainees.  Parents do not pay this fee), per week$200



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