<DIV><div class='testimonialList'><span class='testimonialText'><div class="ExternalClass6BAD31E5AA754F9BAA765E27D5930C6C"><p>​“The view is absolutely amazing at the Eagle’s Nest up high in the mountains. We were able to make this short side trip and I’m so glad we did. Thanks for all your hard work in making the History of Psychology trip possible. I have had such a great experience.  Thanks.&quot;</p></div></span/><span class='testimonialName'>Jennifer – PSYCHOLOGY OF EUROPE</span></div></DIV>
<DIV><div class='testimonialList'><span class='testimonialText'><div class="ExternalClass7B09B8B257CB46CC8E9F60C680BF9CC6"><p>​“Thank you for everything you have done for the Britain spring 2006 semester abroad group. I had an amazing time and you did such a wonderful job setting everything up. I usually am a student at UW-Milwaukee but I transferred to UWSP to study abroad because I was continuously told of your excellent program. I appreciate everything you have done and thanks for all of the hard work. I will never forget it.”</p></div></span/><span class='testimonialName'>Meghan – LONDON</span></div></DIV>
<DIV><div class='testimonialList'><span class='testimonialText'><div class="ExternalClassC65B6E5F36764233BE71C6139E3BB486"><p>​“I am in Caen, France through your program. It has been such a good experience so I wanted to say thank you! The program is great and I truly appreciate all the effort you have put into it. Living with a host family has been very good and my French has improved a lot.”</p></div></span/><span class='testimonialName'>Carrie – FRANCE</span></div></DIV>
<DIV><div class='testimonialList'><span class='testimonialText'><div class="ExternalClass48582090E2DF4AA3B6B56D40F35CB943"><p>​“The semester is going very well. I think UWSP International programs are excellent. I’m really pleased with traveling, classes and everything. I think semesters abroad should be emphasized much more than they are. It’s a great experience.”<br /></p></div></span/><span class='testimonialName'>Michael – GERMANY</span></div></DIV>
<DIV><div class='testimonialList'><span class='testimonialText'><div class="ExternalClassE56F6D471F2C4B039F95E9DC3817D99C"><p>​“Hi to all of you hard-working people who did/do such a great job of organizing and preparing these incredible experiences ! WOW – 4 months already have gone by in Valladolid! A wonderful and challenging time of travelling, learning and echoing winding streets of Sevilla…I definitely recommend Spain!”</p></div></span/><span class='testimonialName'>Rachel – SPAIN 2002</span></div></DIV>
<DIV><div class='testimonialList'><span class='testimonialText'><div class="ExternalClass3852A1E8EF604B45848165D8C65DAB9A"><p>​I attended the South Pacific Program in the fall of 1997 and had more fun than I thought possible. Let me say I felt the experience to be the most rewarding and educational of my life. The value, and the effort and organization of your staff, is impressive. The trip was well planned, adventurous and highly entertaining. The students and staff who were involved were also of excellent quality. I would love to talk to upcoming students to tell them about the incredible experience they are about to receive. THANK YOU! Your final grade is: A+<br /></p></div></span/><span class='testimonialName'>SOUTH PACIFIC</span></div></DIV>
<DIV><div class='testimonialList'><span class='testimonialText'><div class="ExternalClass8D9CD39BB8B44B088504DDB5ACBB33CE"><p>​Did I feel that my Semester in East Central Europe: Poland was worth the money? Yes! I’ve done things that not many will ever have the chance to do. Coming to Europe as a student opened doors that would have been closed to me as a 'normal' tourist. The teachers were fantastic; Art History was my favorite.<br /></p></div></span/><span class='testimonialName'>POLAND</span></div></DIV>
<DIV><div class='testimonialList'><span class='testimonialText'><div class="ExternalClassD68548A82FF74965A5C5509B5C1F2EAC"><p>To the crew at UWSP - I am on the last day of what has been a thrilling, exciting, scary, enriching, fulfilling, FUN experience of my life so far and I just had to write. Thank you for making it all possible. I first chose your program for the price, but you could be charging double and it would still be worth every penny. From the four-day entry tour to the final flight home, this semester was well organized with our every interest in mind. Thank you so much! If anyone is expressing doubt about studying abroad with you, just send them to me! Thanks again!</p> <p></p></div></span/><span class='testimonialName'>SEMESTER TRIP</span></div></DIV>