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Destinatio​ns: Krakow, Poland

 Spring Semester, approx. mid-February to mid-June 


This program has two study options:  One in European Studies and one in intensive Polish language! 

Option 1: Center for European Studies! Take courses in English on the European Union, Polish Culture, Holocaust Studies with optional language classes in Polish, French, German or Russian languages.
Option 2: Center for Polish Language and 
Culture in the World!
This option is for serious language learners!  The intensive Polish Language semester offers a rich academic program with courses led by specialists in teaching Polish as a foreign language. Through additional course work, students also have an opportunity to learn about Poland's history, society, culture and literature.

 Eligibility and Application
Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and special students from all academic disciplines; must be in good standing at your home University with a minimum cumulative 2.50 GPA.  Maturity and motivation are a real plus!  Knowledge of Polish is not required.
Priority Deadline: April 1 of the prior year - though late applications are often accepted.
Please check with the Office of International Education for availability.
Go to the Applications page for all application materials.

For the European Studies track, choose from a class list including:

HIST 364 -- The Jews in Central Europe: The Holocaust and its Aftermath, 1939 to Today, 3 cr.

ENGL 383 --  To Be or Not to Be: 20th Century Central and Eastern European Literature , 3 cr.

ECON 390 -- The EU in the Global Economy: Challenges and Achievements,3 cr.

POLI 361 -- Western European Politic and Transatlantic Relations , 3cr.

POLI 362 -- CEE Transition and EU Enlargement, 3 cr.

INTL 381: The Polish Language and Polish Culture Level A1/A2 – Taught in English, 3 cr.

 Polish, German, French and Russian Language courses round-out the list.

Syllabi for these courses can be found here.

For the Intensive Polish track, academic courses and credits are based on your level of language training.  You can take courses as an absolute beginner or as an advanced speaker!  Meet with the Study Abroad Director to discuss the course options.
Special features of the intensive Polish track include extra-curricular program events such as theater workshops, in which foreigners prepare theatrical performances. Most of the students at the Center are also international students, but there is always a group of Polish students there too, learning how to teach Polish as a foreign language. The presence of Polish students gives students additional opportunities for direct contact with Polish people, allowing them to gain a deeper and current understanding of Polish language and culture. Events and, often, field trips also help the two groups of students to integrate.
Class sizes are small, providing individual attention and taught by Polish instructors. Participants are required to maintain a 15 credit course load minimum. Students taking the Intensive Language track will receive Polish Language credits commensurate with their current levels – beginning to advanced.
All course credits transfer back to UW-Stevens Point!


 Cost Includes:
 15 week total academic program in Krakow.
  • Accommodations throughout the semester.
    Plan your budget to cover airfare, passport & visa expenses, meals and personal expenses.
  • UWSP tuition for Wisconsin Residents; Minnesota students qualify for reciprocity, surcharge for other out-of-staters is $1000.
  • UW-System mandatory health insurance.
Check with the study abroad office regarding required flight arrangements.

Scholarship opportunities for undergraduates:



How About a Year in East Central Europe? Spend the fall semester in Szeged, Hungary and continue your spring semester studies in Krakow! See UWSP Office of International Education for details.

Since 1975, UW-Stevens Point has provided extraordinary study/travel programs in East and Central Europe with the Jagiellonian University. Offered is the unique opportunity not only to study Polish language, culture and society in Krakow but also to experience over a thousand years of history, magnificent architecture and art. A great virtue of the semester is the city of Krakow itself – a magical city that is often referred to as the cultural capital of Poland and, perhaps, Eastern Europe. The Center is located in the very heart of the historic city, at the foot of Wavel Hill on which sits the royal Renaissance castle, a symbol of the Golden Age of Polish culture. The classrooms are on​​ly a few hundred meters away from the Old Town Square, the largest medieval square in Europe, which bustles with life at all hours of the day.


Withdrawal -- Please read our Refund Policy for details on withdrawal dates.

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