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Guy Healy, Japan, a culture-exchange consulting agency based in Nagasaki and Fukuoka, Japan, has invited 15-20 UWSP students to work and live in Japan as part of the USA Summer Camp program. The students from America will stay in Japan for approximately nine weeks. During this period the students will work as camp counselors at USA Camp USA for part of their stay and stay with Japanese host families for part of their stay.

USA Summer Camp

This is an English language program for Japanese students, elementary school age through college. During the summer, counselors take part in the camp program for approximately 27 days/22 nights. (The general pattern is 5 nights at camp followed by 4 nights with the host family) There will also be a five-night counselor orientation session that will take place at the camp facility upon arrival in Japan.

The camp program takes place at national campgrounds in various parts of Japan. Most campgrounds are quite comfortable with indoor sleeping and dining facilities, however their may be some sessions utilizing tents.

During the program the students from America will act as camp counselors, working with the Japanese students on a variety of English language drills and activities. Counselors will also participate with the Japanese students in recreation activities, meals and variety of social activities.

Location: The program takes place at a variety of locations all over Japan. Each student will be assigned to a team in one location. Possible areas in Japan include: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Kumamoto and Nagasaki. Other areas may be added to this list. While students will be allowed to state preferences, the final decision on placement will be made by the program organizers. Be flexible. One team may be selected to operate camps in two separate areas depending on need.

Dates: The period of stay in Japan will vary from team to team. Departures from the United States will range from mid-June to early July. Returning dates will range from mid to late August. You do not have a say on this; if you are not able to be flexible within this range, please do not apply.

Application Deadline: December 1 of the year prior to the Summer Camp you wish to attend. Spots fill in fast so we suggest that participants apply early.  Click here for the application.  Late applications will be taken ONLY if there are spots available. Check with the International Programs Office to determine if there is still room for you.

Application Process

Step 1 ​Complete the International Programs study abroad application.   You can find the materials at the applications page on our web site
Step 2 Applicants may be called in for an interview. 
Step 3 Selected applicants will be notified of their acceptance in January of the year they will be in Japan.  Complete acceptance process (which includes more forms). 
Step 4 Further information regarding travel plans, what to bring, and host family placements will be forthcoming from the sponsors.

Host Families

During non-camp days students will stay with volunteer families in Japan. Most families have at least one family member who can speak English. Using information forms filled out by host families and student applicants, organizers will do their best to make suitable placements. Depending on family schedules and availability some students are likely to be placed with more than one host family.

Note: In the event of host family scheduling difficulties it is also possible that students may be housed in a youth hostel or hotel during part of their non-camp stay. In the unlikely event of this situation, lodging and meal expenses would be provided by the program sponsors.


Approximately $1250
Covers costs such as UWSP tuition and mandatory health/travel insurance.

For the counselors selected, Guy Healy, Japan will provide for the following:

  • Round-trip air transportation allowance from Chicago, Milwaukee or Minneapolis Japan.
  • Round-trip ground transportation between arrival city and camp location.
  • All host family arrangements. (Counselors will not be required to pay any fee to host families for room and board.)
  • Food and lodging during all assigned days at the camp program.
  • Transportation expenses between host family’s home and the camp program.

UWSP provides:

  • Three undergraduate credits in International Studies 391.
  • Overseas health insurance policy for stay in Japan through the UW-System.

Students selected for the program will be responsible for the following:

  • Transportation between USA departure airport and student’s home.
  • Personal spending money for their stay in Japan, Recommended to bring a minimum of $400 to $500.

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