Destinations! Business Internship in China

SUMMER: May 25 - June 26, 2011

In conjunction with the Tianjin University and the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point, Division of Business and Economics and the International Programs Office offer a study abroad program focusing on Business Administration/Economics Internship Experience in China.

There are many reasons to study in China with UWSP, these include:

  • Huge market: Due to China’s fastest economic growth over the last two decades and its recent accession to the World Trade Organization, this transition economy has become one of the largest open markets in the world. Future professional opportunities for those of you who have first-hand experience in China are envisioned.
  • Unique educational experiences: Each of you will be paired with a Chinese student (who speaks English) with Business Administration major to job shadow with leaders of some Chinese business firms and you will have lectures delivered in English. You will also earn 3 credits.
  • Better candidacy: Your internship experience should make you a more competitive candidate for firms doing business with China and the Pacific Rim.
  • Entry tour to Beijing: It allows you to see the beauty of one of the oldest capital cities in the world along with sightseeing at the Great Wall, Tianamen Square, Ming Tomb, Forbidden City, Sacred Way, visits to jade, pearl, cloisone or silk factories, etc.
  • Internship experience in Tianjin: Our base, Tianjin, is a city rich in historical and cultural wonders.

Click here to learn more about China.

Application Deadline: February 15, 2011. Contact the International programs Office on available space after the 15th as spots may still be available. Application requires a $250 deposit to secure a spot. Group limit is 20 participants.

Go to the Applications page to find out how to get an application.

Academic Credits

Business 293(NW)Internship in China, section 98 – 3 credits. Supervised training work program in a cooperating agency or business in China plus lectures in English. Does NOT apply to major/minor, or...

Business 493(NW)Internship in China, section 98 – 3 credits. Supervised training work program in a cooperating agency or business in China plus lectures in English, or...

Economics 493(NW)Internship in China, section 98 - 3 credits. Supervised training work program in a cooperating agency or business plus lectures in English.

Students who are majoring/minoring in Business Administration, Economics or Managerial Accounting, and who have made substantial progress toward graduation in these fields are given priority for acceptance. Special consideration will be given to non-majors/minors who have had significant coursework in this area.

Academic Leader

Dr. Stefan Ruediger
CPS 0413
(715) 346-4071

Dr. Stefan Ruediger is an Assistant Professor of Economics in the School of Business and Economics. Stefan’s does most of his research on topics of Economic Development. The recent economic growth of China is one of the most fascinating Economic Development stories of the last decades. Stefan is looking forward to introducing students to the Chinese economic system and the Chinese business model.


Approximately $5550-6050
Estimation based on 15 participants

Cost Includes:

  • Round-trip airfare (Chicago-Beijing-Tianjin/Tianjin-Chicago)
  • 3 credits UWSP Wisconsin resident undergraduate tuition
  • Accommodation in Tianjin and in Beijing (four star hotel in Beijing!) and most meals
  • Guides, receptions, lectures
  • In country transportation
  • Mandated UW-System health insurance

There is a surcharge for other non-residents of only $250.

Click here for latest price estimates


Sophomore, junior, or senior standing. Students must  be a student in good standing. No previous Chinese language study required. All courses other than Chinese language are taught in English.


Up to ten weeks before the start of the program, all fees except the initial $250 deposit will be refunded. After the time, tuition, airline, tour costs and housing charges are assessed. If the program would be cancelled, all fees will be refunded. Because exchange rates and airline prices fluctuate, International Programs reserves the right to cancel, surcharge, or to alter the program.

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