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Destinations! Melbourne & Bendigo, Australia


Fall  Semesters:
mid-July to late November

Spring Semesters:
mid-February to late June 25



For students who want to experience life in the "the land down under" with its endless beaches, unique flora/fauna, and the rustic Outback!  

Your host, LaTrobe University enjoys a worldwide reputation for academic excellence and diversity -- and offers UWSP students two campuses on which to study: Melbourne and Bendigo.  Melbourne is a world-class city and the La Trobe campus in suburban Melbourne provides a vast array of study options. For a smaller city and campus (c. 5000 students), near the Outback and only two hours north of Melbourne, you can also study at La Trobe's Bendigo campus. 

Standard Application Deadlines: December 1 for the following fall semester and April 1 for the following spring term, although late applications are sometimes taken. Please check with the International Programs Office for information on available positions.

Go to the Applications page to find out how to get an application.


Sophomores, juniors, and seniors from all disciplines. Preference is given to upperclassmen with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.  Academic fit, maturity, motivation, and preparation are important. Attendance at orientation meetings is required.


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Cost Includes:

  • UWSP fulltime tuition for Wisconsin Residents* and all tuition fees for La Trobe University! (*Does not include UWSP Differential Tuition; Minnesota students do qualify for reciprocity; Surcharge for other out-of-staters is only $1000.)
  • Arrival airport transportation, orientations in U.S. and in Australia.
  • Accommodations on campus in Australia.
  • Travel & health insurance from U.S. and Australian insurance providers
  • Internship and service learning opportunities and access to many student organizations in Australia

**Plan your budget to cover passport and visa (currently over $500 for Australian visa), airfare, food, personal break expenses, and class fees for certain courses.

International Flight Information 

International flights are not included for the program cost, but all participants need to book their flights through the UWSP Office of International Education.  Our staff will assist you with the process! 


Select courses from a wide variety of subject areas while remaining enrolled as a UWSP student. You will be fully integrated into the normal semester courses at La Trobe University—but an important part of your pre-departure preparation is to work with the UWSP Office of International Education to secure UWSP course and credit approvals. Courses can qualify to meet major or minor degree requirements. Contact our Office to work out your course plan options!

Subject search database (La Trobe catalog): 

Helpful guide to navigate the catalog: Using NEW Subject Search Database_2016_updated (2).pdf 

NOTE: students from the northern hemisphere can sometimes get confused with Australia's academic calendar:

Fall Semesters = LTU Semester 2 (July to November)

Spring Semesters = LTU Semester 1 (February to June)

NOTE ON LANGUAGE AND CREDIT POINTS:  "Courses" in Australia refer to students' entire "course of study," i.e. their "major" in U.S. parlance.  Students are only allowed to take 60 "credit points" per semester, which is considered a full load.  UWSP will award 15 credits for the completion of 60 credit points in one semester abroad.  Consult with the UWSP International Programs Associate Director or Director for more information.

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