​  Semester Options!

A semester abroad gets you out of the tourist mode, teaches you greater self-reliance, and is more cost effective (dollar-per-day) than a short-term program! 

  Get to know your host culture more fully!

  Gain the independence needed to live and work in our globalizing society!

  Bring back lifelong memories of living abroad!

​Australia -- Fall, Spring or Year:

​Take coursework in almost any major at  LaTrobe University in Melbourne or Bendigo!

​China -- Spring Semester:

Learn about Chinese culture, history and language in Hangzhou!

​England -- Fall , Spring or Year:

Take coursework in various majors at  ​Liverpool Hope University!

OR Live in the heart of London, study full-time or add an internship!

​France -- Spring Semester:

Study advanced-level French in Caen!

​Germany -- Spring Semester:

​Study advanced-level German in Marburg!

​Hungary -- Fall Semester:

Learn about Hungarian culture and society in the beautiful university town of Szeged​!

​Ireland -- Fall, Spring or Year:

​Take coursework in almost any major at the University of Limerick!

​Japan -- Fall, Spring or Year:

​Study Japanese language intensively at Dokkyo University!

​New Zealand -- Fall, Spring or Year:

Take coursework in almost any major at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand!

​Poland -- Spring Semester:

Study European history, politics, culture and languages OR study Polish language intensively in Krakow!

​Spain -- Spring Semester:

Study advanced-level Spanish in Valladolid!

​Want More Semester Options?  Check out the Options UWSP Students have through KEI Abroad!

 Costa Rica \ Ecuador \ India \ Italy \ Japan \ Kenya \ Peru \ Russia \ Thailand \ Turkey \ United Arab Emirates

Check out the KEI Abroad website and ask the UWSP Study Abroad Staff!


Student Teaching Abroad!

Complete part of your student-teaching field experience at an international school!


 Still couldn't find what you wanted?

​We can assist students in finding credit-bearing alternatives for UWSP students whose interests require them to seek programs through other universities. A good place to start is by visiting the unofficial UW-System Study Abroad website