Tori Jennings



Ph.D. — Anthropology, University of Wisconsin - Madison
M.A. — Anthropology, Colorado State University

Curriculum Vitae


Tori L. Jennings received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2010. She was a Social Science Research Council–International Dissertation Research Fellow from 2004-2005. Since 1998, Tori has been conducting ethnographic research with farmers and ranchers on a variety of human/environmental issues including water rights in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado (BA); adaptation to climate variability in the American Northern Great Plains (MA); and a critical examination of the sociocultural and political dimensions of climate and climate change in Cornwall, England (Ph.D.). By incorporating the insights of anthropology, human geography, and environmental history, Tori’s research provides an historical analysis of the implicit cultural, social, and scientific assumptions embedded in the concept of climate and the implications these assumptions have for obscuring political economic relationships in society.

Select Publications

2016 Cornish Weather and the Phenomenology of Light: On Anthropology and ‘Seeing’. In Anthropology & Climate Change: From Actions to Transformations (Second Edition). S. Crate, and M. Nuttall, eds. Routledge, pp. 241-249.

2011 Transcending the Adaptation/Mitigation Climate Change Science Policy Debate: Unmasking Assumptions about Adaptation & Resilience. Weather, Climate & Society 3(4):238-248.

2009 Exploring the Invisibility of Local Knowledge in Decision-Making: The Boscastle Harbour Flood Disaster. In Adapting to Climate Change: Thresholds, Values and Governance. N. Adger, I. Lorenzoni, and K. O'Brien, eds. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 240-254.

2002 Farm Family Adaptability and Climate Variability in the Northern Great Plains: Contemplating the Role of Meaning in Climate Change Research.  Culture and Agriculture 24(2):52-63.

Book Reviews

The Landscaping of Metaphor and Cultural Identity: Topographies of a Cornish Pastiche by Patrick Laviolette
Reviewed by Tori L. Jennings
Cultural Anthropology May 2012, Vol. 27, No. 2: 408-410. 

Documentary Project

Finding the Middle Way: A Story of the Hmong People in Portage County Wisconsin, 1980-Present. Documentary Director: Matthew Brown; Producer: Tori L. Jennings; Co-Producer: Kristy SeBlonka.
Funded by: The Wisconsin Humanities Council; The Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin; University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Click here for video.

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