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Sociology Minor

A minor in sociology consists of 18 credits. Sociology 101, Introduction to Sociology, and Sociology 350, Sociological Theory, are required. The remaining credits may be earned in any other courses in sociology. Teacher Certification in Sociology Minor

For teacher certification, 25 credits are required, including Sociology 101, Introduction to Sociology; Sociology 350, Sociological Theory; Sociology 351, Social Statistics; and Sociology 352, Research Methods. Additional Education courses are also required for teacher certification. You are strongly urged to consult the School of Education early to eliminate scheduling problems.

This minor will contribute to your understanding of the complex social factors that impinge on the health of human beings. Several of these areas are: the availability, quality, politics, and economics of health care and delivery; nutritional quality; and cultural, social, and psychological factors affecting life ways and mental health. This minor will provide you background for possible graduate training and careers in a number of allied health fields, such as public health and hospital administration, epidemiology, health planning and health education, environmental health, and international health.

The criminal justice minor will prepare students for work in the criminal justice field. It is designed to provide students with the courses needed for a successful career in criminal justice agencies and for graduate work in criminology and criminal justice. The minor is useful preparation for a career in police work, corrections, parole, youth programming, counseling, public and social services.

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