A Brief History of Sociology at UWSP

Sociology was taught in the early years at Stevens Point. Over the next 50 years the faculty of the Social Sciences offered a few additional courses in sociology. The first full-time sociologist was hired in 1954 and the minor in sociology was instituted that year. Four years later (1958-59) the sociology major appeared. The department was created in 1965.

Since becoming organized as a separate department, a full range of courses and programs have developed. Moreover, emphases are now available in several key areas of specialization. In addition, we offer the Concentration in Adult Life and Aging and a new Concentration in Applied Sociology. We also host the Center for the Study of the Small City which offers the minor in Small City Analysis. The Gerontology minor, an interdisciplinary program administered by our department, was approved during the summer of 1986. The Social Science in Health minor was approved in 1988. The Native American and Rural Social Work minor was approved beginning fall 1992. Starting Fall 2001, the Center for Community Research will be housed in the Department of Sociology.

For many years, students preparing for careers in social work, community and human service, law enforcement and criminal justice, public service, teaching, research, general business and management have chosen our major and minor programs as part of their undergraduate preparation.

Every year an increasing number of our graduates are continuing their education with advanced degree studies in graduate and professional schools. Because UWSP is a fully accredited university, your degree will be recognized wherever you go.​

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